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Cellphone Beamer

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# 31.08.2017 - 18:37:58

What does the cellphone beamer do ?

The cellphone beamer is a little teleporter. Put your most liked landmarks into the HUD and you can easily get there with a simple click.

The package contains of two parts, the first thing is the cellphone, which you hold in your hand, and the other thing is the HUD, which looks like a cellphone, too, a can be placed anywhere you like on your HUD. Put both parts to your avatar with the "add"-command. Normally the HUD appears top right, but can be moved as you like. The cellphone will be in your left hand, but is not visible at start. if you click the HUD, the cellphone will appear and your avatar will start typing on it. At the top right corner a menu appears, where you can choose a landmark. A short sound will be heard, as you know from "Star Trek Beaming", just before you get teleported.

I think, I do not have to explain "MORE" and "BACK". These buttons are only with function, if you have more than 9 landmarks inside your HUD, otherwise they will do nothing. The button "START/STOP" let your cellphone appear or dissappear and starts or stops the animation.


  • Keep an eye on the "Permission Request", when you put on the HUD. Equally when you reset the script or maybe when you relog, the permission is requested again. Otherwise you will get an error message.
  • Keep the names short. Everything after 12 letters will be cut off.
  • If you prefer an own sorting, just type "01", "02" etc. at the beginning of the landmark names.
  • Theoretical infinitely amounts of landmarks possible. Tested with 50 landmarks.

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