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NSB Quizball Standart Edition V2.0

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# 15.09.2017 - 16:10:57

At least there is the english version of the Quizball. For sure, anybody of you bothered about buying some expensive stuff and then it was not like what you expected. This time is over now ! The Ball will be 1 L$. For that, you get a fully functionally Demo-Version of the Ball. You can test ALL Features as long as you like, only restriction is, the Ball will run with 10 questions at all.
If you decide to buy the Full Version of the Ball you will get 400 questions and the Ball will be ready-to-use at once. No additional buying necessary.
If that is not enough, you can buy additional questions directly inside the Ball menu. There are total of 2000 questions available at the moment. You decide how many questions you want to buy (min. 100). If i put more questions into the Database, you can see it in the Ball menu.

But now, all Features in an overview:

  • Fully functional Demo-Version
  • Only restriction: limited to 10 questions at all
  • The Full Version ahs 400 questions
  • Upgradeable with any deisred amount (min. 100) of questions.
  • ATM total of 2000 questions available
  • No additional buying necessary (Buy directly inside the Ball menu)
  • Professional Data-Source (No Translations!)
  • Eternal stats - "Payed so far" will not be set to 0 after reset or re-rez
  • If Server-Errors occur, it will continue after that, no automatic stop
  • Setup Admins üer menu
  • Admins are allowed nearly the same as the owner, except for money related stuff such as Payment or Upgrade, even reset, because it will ask for the Debit Permission after reset.
  • Overall stats at my Website ( overall stats from all Balls grid-wide)

Settings complety Menu-driven:

  • Time for the question
  • Time for the pause
  • Payment
  • Threshold value from 50% to 100%, what is accepted as "correct"
  • For numbers bigger than 100, a value +- x is can be set (0 to 20), for what is accepted as "correct"
  • Time for Auto-Stop: The Ball will stop automatically after x hours (0 = never stop)
  • Simply add or delete Admins: (Name in list = delete admin| Name not in list = add admins)

Coming soon:

  • Single stats for every Ball separatlely
  • Stats Board to display stats inworld
  • mMore questions
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